Valerie Winters’ sound always rings fresh while laced with
familiarity. On the aptly named Soulful Child,
the LA native sings her signature Soul-Soaked Rock ‘n’ Roll -
11 sincere songs, direct from the heart of her life experiences,
all washed in a swamp with some smoky blues, dragged through
a country saloon, dashed in an ’80s breeze, and strung crisply
together on the same buoyant line.

This passionate release, Soulful Child, ranges from
upbeat (Soulful Child) to scorching (Real Love)
to eerie-hot ballad (Raphael), to outright sexy (Africa),
to heavyhearted but hopeful (Silent Wings), to humbly
sweet (Thank You). And though each of the tunes is catchy and
musically tight, the lyrics equally demand an effortful listen -
they’re sturdily meaningful and stoked with messages of truth,
positive affirmation and self-acceptance, all delivered via Winters’
unwaveringly sultry, soulful voice.

Soulful Child, produced by Peter Malick (Norah Jones,
Courtney Jones), features Valerie Winters, right-on-the-money, on
all vocals. Butch Norton (Tracy Chapman, Eels, Lucinda Williams) contributes drums
and percussion; Jon Ossman (Paula Cole, Mark Cohn) grooves on electric
and string bass; Peter Malick leaves his instrumental imprint on guitars,
lap steel, and dobro.  Silent Wings is highlighted by the appearance of
Stevie Blacke (Beck, Pink, Rihanna, Madonna, Snoop), who single-handedly
plays an orchestra of strings.

Valerie Winters’ big new album scores high marks in all categories. Filled with
Winters’ rich character, Soulful Child is set to release in 2013.